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Texas continued to build its reputation as a lawsuit reform leader during the 2019 legislative session, which ended on May 31.  Several new laws underscore Texas’ reputation for common-sense reforms that keep Texas open for business, ensure access to our courts and help rein in lawsuit abuse. Here are some of the bills that passed the Legislature this year and await Governor Greg Abbott’s approval:

Deceptive Lawyer Advertising: Sent to the Governor

Senate Bill 1189 regarding questionable advertising of legal services: This legislation provides common sense reforms to require legal services advertisements to properly warn patients that it is dangerous to stop taking a prescribed medication before consulting with a doctor.

Transparency in Local Government Contracting: Sent to the Governor

House Bill 2826 relating to local governments that enter into contingency fee contracts for legal services: This measure will increase transparency when local governments hire personal injury lawyers on a contingency fee basis.

We appreciate the Texas Legislature for passing these bills and we urge Governor Abbott to sign them into law.

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