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How about a $5 million foot-long?

By January 24, 2013September 26th, 2013No Comments

A customer has filed a federal lawsuit against Subway restaurants, claiming that Subway acted “fraudulently and deceptively” by advertising foot-long subs. Subway has said that they can’t guarantee that every loaf of bread will be 12 inches long after baking, but the customer who filed the suit believes that Subway’s ads should say the actual size of its subs could vary. He also believes that the bread all comes from one place, and should be uniform


Regardless of the specifics of the case and the varying lengths of loaves of bread, the notion that a restaurant needs to specify that their sandwich may only be 11 inches instead of 12 seems a bit extreme. Furthermore, to file a 5-million dollar lawsuit for the shortened bread loaves seems downright outrageous.  Our legal system is meant to help those who have been truly harmed, not to help greedy individuals make a quick buck.


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