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85th Session Recap
Texas has built a reputation for being the leader when it comes to lawsuit reform, and these two pieces of legislation solidify our reputation for common-sense reforms that keep Texas open for business and ensure our courts are used for justice, not greed.

HB 1774, Hailstorm lawsuit reform: Signed by the Governor
Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick made hail storm lawsuit reform a priority this session. Tens of thousands of Texans have been affected by storm-chasing personal injury lawyers behaviors who have been more interested in lining their pockets than making homeowners whole. This reform preserves Texas homeowners’ rights to sue, while ensuring that natural disasters aren’t used for financial gains.

HB 1463, ADA lawsuit reform: Signed by the Governor
Personal injury lawyers go door to door looking for the smallest violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and before the small business owner even has a chance to fix the problem, they’re hit with a lawsuit and often forced to settle for a big price tag. But now the legislature passed a bill to fix that problem and keep the focus on compliance, not lawsuits.

We want to thank everyone who supported our efforts and thank Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick and the Texas Legislature for supporting and passing these bills this session.

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