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Abbott says he’ll continue Perry’s support for tort reform

By December 19, 2014No Comments

Via the Southeast Texas Record


Aside from low taxes, throughout his tenure as governor of Texas, Rick Perry often hung his Stetson on tort reform as one of the keys to ensure state success.

???????????????????????????????On Wednesday, the Lone Star State’s next governor, Attorney General Greg Abbott, said he’d continue to support his predecessor’s legislative reform efforts.

The governor-elect hosted a roundtable with Texas congressional leaders from the surrounding Greater Houston area to discuss his agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

While the meeting was closed, Abbott met with members of the media afterward.

When asked about his stance on tort reform, Abbott said, “I support legislative reform.”

“Texas will continue to be a pro business state because of legislative reforms,” Abbott said, adding that he fought to protect Texas’ tort reform measures in the courts as attorney general.

During the roundtable, Abbott outlined his plans for education, border security, economic expansion and transportation.

“Texas is the best state in the United States,” Abbott said at the conclusion of the gathering. “Texas will remain the best state in the United States with your cooperation.”

Legislatures from both sides of the aisle attended, including:

– Rep. Carol Alvarado;

– Rep. Cecil Bell;

– Senator-elect Paul Bettencourt;

– Rep. Dwayne Bohac;

– Senator-elect Brandon Creighton;

– Rep. Gary Elkins;

– Sen. Rodney Ellis;

– Sen. Sylvia Garcia;

– Rep. Dan Huberty;

– Sen. Joan Huffman;

– Representative-elect Will Metcalf;

– Rep. Rick Miller;

– Rep. Jim Murphy;

– Rep. John Otto;

– Representative-elect Dennis Paul;

– Representative-elect Gilbert Peña;

– Representative-elect Mike Schofield;

– Rep. Wayne Smith;

– Sen. Larry Taylor;

– Rep. Ed Thompson;

– Rep. Senfronia Thompson;

– Rep. Sylvester Turner;

– Rep. Hubert Vo;

– Rep. Gene Wu; and

– Rep. John Zerwas.

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