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Common-sense legal reforms to reduce lawsuit abuse in Texas have strengthened our economy, created jobs and improved access to health care. But reform only works if our lawmakers and leaders are willing to protect it. That’s why CALA groups across the state are encouraging voters to ask their local candidates and officeholders to take a strong stand on legal reform issues.

Good Questions for Local Candidates:

  • Will you support efforts to protect current lawsuit reforms and fight against any efforts to roll back these reforms or create new ways to sue in Texas?
  • How much money have you accepted from personal injury lawyers (either directly or through Political Action Committees) during your political campaign?
  • If you have accepted their political donations, how can I as a voter be assured you will not bend to the wishes of personal injury lawyers when they ask for your support in overturning lawsuit reforms or in passing legislation that creates new ways to sue?
  • Will you support efforts to protect Texas consumers against the predatory lending we are seeing in the lawsuit lending industry?
  • Will you support keeping in place current voter-approved limits on pain and suffering damages in medical malpractice cases, which have helped bring thousands of doctors to Texas?
  • Will you stand up for the best interests of consumers and small businesses or the special interests of personal injury lawyers?

Want a PDF of these questions to print and share with local voters or at local events? Please click here.

DON’T FORGET….tell us what they said. Post comments from your candidates on the TALA Facebook page.

or to the Facebook pages of your local CALA organization:

Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas

Rio Grande Valley Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

You can also send a letter to your local lawmaker asking them to reject any attempts to rollback reforms in Texas