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Let the ball – not a lawsuit – get dropped as you ring in the new year

By December 17, 2018No Comments

As Texans prepare to celebrate the holidays and ring in the New Year at office parties and social gatherings, it’s important for party hosts to keep liability in mind as they plan celebrations that involve alcohol and encourage partygoers to take personal responsibility for their own actions as a way to curb lawsuit abuse this holiday season.

The following tips are holiday suggestions for keeping a lawsuit out of your stocking:

  • For parties in your home, plan transportation for your guests, including designated drivers, taxis or coordinating ride shares for a safe ride home, and have ample and appealing nonalcoholic beverages for your designated drivers;
  • For office parties, consider a ride share or taxi service for your employees;
  • Avoid providing a self-service bar, opting instead for a bartender well-versed in identifying underage and intoxicated drinkers;
  • Halt the flow of alcoholic beverages long before the party ends; and
  • Take action if a guest does overindulge, arranging for transportation home.

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