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Barratry – more commonly known as “ambulance chasing” – is illegal

By January 4, 2019No Comments

At some of the most vulnerable times in life Texas law protects us from unwanted and overly-aggressive advances from personal injury lawyers (or their representatives) trolling for new clients and lawsuits. These aggressive tactics are called barratry – although they are more commonly known as “ambulance chasing” – and they are illegal.

The recent indictment of a personal injury lawyer for barratry, insurance fraud and money laundering reminds us all that this type of abusive illegal practices still occurs.

Consumers need to know that Texas law protects them from these unwanted advances from personal injury lawyers and/or their case runner and people should beware of lawyers who try to profit from the tragedy of others.

Any citizen of Texas who receives unwanted solicitations from an aggressive personal injury lawyer (or one of their representatives) should immediately report the behavior to the State Bar of Texas at 1-800-204-2222, ext.9.

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