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CALACTX Spokesperson Jennifer Harris Calls In to the Phil Cowan Show

By February 11, 2013September 26th, 2013No Comments

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas Spokesperson Jennifer Harris recently spoke with Phil Cowan of the Phil Cowan show about the recent feud between the Governors of the Golden and Lone Star states. Harris contrasted the two states and described how Texas has gone from a once “judicial hellhole” to one of the top destinations for companies to do business. This is because of our states low tax, low regulation, and most importantly, fair legal climate. “Over the past 10-15 years, there has been a very concerted effort, a very focused effort in our state to adopt very common sense legal reforms,” said Harris. Harris highlighted some of our states efforts over the past years to bring civility and sanity back into our court system. Among those efforts is the most recent loser pay legislation from the 2011 legislative session, and medical mal-practice lawsuit award caps legislation. Our state has made significant strides over the last decade in curbing lawsuit abuse. We can only hope that other states like California, will follow our lead in the effort to create a common sense, fair, and efficient legal system.


You can hear the interview here:

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