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Former California Assemblyman’s Book Describes Why Texas is the Economic Envy of the Nation

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Chuck DeVore wasn’t born in Texas. He also didn’t fall into the category we Texans so frequently hear of “I wasn’t born in Texas, but got here as fast as I could.” Mr. DeVore falls into the third category of Texans who are flocking to the state from all over the nation to get a piece of the miracle pie known as the Texas economy.

DeVore moved to Texas in December of 2011 from what could be called the Lone Star State’s polar opposite, California. After serving as a member of the California Assembly from 2004-2010, and seeing the state’s budget meltdown right before his very own eyes, Chuck began to look at places to relocate, and found Texas. This month, DeVore released a new book, The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lonestar State and Lessons for America, in which he describes the various reasons for why he moved to the state: low taxes, a sensible regulatory environment, a pro-business climate, and importantly, a legal climate based on common sense and fairness.

You can find a copy of DeVore’s book here, and information about Texas’ efforts to curb frivolous lawsuits in Chapter 4.

In this chapter, DeVore notes that in the mid-90s Texas was known as the “judicial hellhole” of the nation. A powerful trial bar allowed for some of the most outrageous lawsuits ever known. DeVore describes how the citizens, and leaders, of Texas began a steady path to progress: passing reforms from 1990 to 2003 (and beyond) that have contributed mightily to Texas’ ability to create jobs and grow businesses.

Chuck DeVore’s book is a perfect illustration of how Texas can be a breath of fresh air to those in high regulatory, high tax, and high lawsuit states. While we covered just one chapter of his book, it is certainly worth reading to find out the other ways that Texas has become such an economic powerhouse.

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