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California’s “Juror Appreciation Week” should be mirrored in Texas

By May 13, 2014No Comments

It’s not very often that you read a headline about something in the Sunshine State needing to be implemented in the Lone Star State. This week however marks “Juror Appreciation Week” in California and we think this is a great time to highlight the need for Texas citizens to answer the call and serve on a jury. If jurors avoid jury service, the quality of justice we receive, as plaintiffs or defendants in a lawsuit, will be diminished. When you are selected to serve on a jury, you as a citizen become an active participant in the administration of justice. Judges and lawyers do not own the courts – ordinary citizens do, which is why it’s important we exercise our duty and our right to serve as jurors. To read more about California’s “Juror Appreciation Week,” click here.

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