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Governor Abbott answers the call

By April 28, 2015No Comments

Kudos to Texas Governor Greg Abbott for answering the call this week when summoned to jury duty in Travis County.

In reporting for duty at the downtown courthouse, Abbott said “I think it is important for everyone who is called for jury service, regardless of what their position in life is, that they come and do their civic duty.”

We agree. Unfortunately, many citizens give lip service to the importance of jury duty but fail to show up when summoned. A CALA survey showed that while nearly 90 percent of Texans believe serving on a jury is important, in some areas as many as 85 percent of those summoned simply don’t show.Jury no-shows jeopardize justice. Every citizen should do his or her part to bring fairness and balance to the civil justice system by serving on a jury when called.

While Governor Abbott wasn’t chosen to sit in the jury box, he’s a great example for all Texans and reminder to all of us to answer the call.

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