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House Bill 1774 is a common-sense reform that will limit lawsuit abuse, by giving insurance companies 60 days to resolve a claim before being taken to court. It also preserves Texas homeowners’ right to sue, while ensuring that natural disasters aren’t used for financial gain driven by personal injury lawyers.

This reform is especially timely, in light of the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey that is impacting the Texas Gulf Coast and greater Houston area. Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse recently set the record straight on the true impact of the bill in an op-ed, A Storm of Misinformation.

HB 1774 will likely not apply to the majority of claims or lawsuits arising from Harvey because of the type of damage that occurred and the areas it occurred in. HB 1774 does not apply to claims with the National Flood Insurance Program or the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

Texans should be cautious when engaging with individuals claiming to help you get more from your insurance company if you allow them to file suit on your behalf. They may be motivated by greed, more than ensuring you and your family’s property is repaired and made whole.

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