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Latest “Judicial Hellholes” Report Is Cautionary Tale for Texas

By December 5, 2017February 5th, 2018No Comments

AUSTIN, TEXASThe following statement on the 16th Annual American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes report should be attributed to Roger Borgelt, Chairman of the Board of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas.

“While Texas has long been recognized as a national leader in reining in frivolous lawsuits and championing smart reform, we’re no stranger to the American Tort Reform’s Judicial Hellholes list. Over 16 years, Texas courts and communities have appeared 17 times as Judicial Hellholes or on ATRA’s Watch List of problem courts.

“That’s why we’ll remain vigilant in defending existing reforms. We’ll also continue to educate and advocate for jobs over lawsuits and to ensure our courts are used for justice, not greed, just as we did this year at the Texas Legislature and in communities across our state.

“Hail storm lawsuit reform was a focal point for our education and advocacy this year, and we ensured our state lawmakers, the media and public understood the importance of this issue to consumers and small business owners. It’s heartening to see this landmark legislation – cracking down on fraudulent storm-litigation – included among the ‘points of light’ in this year’s Judicial Hellholes report.

“But, we know the personal injury lawyers will not rest, and we’re mindful of the threats of fraudulent and frivolous lawsuits that are already popping up in everything from opioid litigation to Hurricane Harvey. Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse knows we cannot rest if we’re to remain a lawsuit reform beacon, not a hellhole.”

The 2017 American Tort Reform Foundation’s Judicial Hellholes report, including recognition of Texas’ ADA lawsuit reform and hail storm lawsuit reform as “points of light,” is available online.

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