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Let’s Make the 83rd Session, the Reform Works Session

By January 15, 2013September 26th, 2013No Comments

As we welcome our lawmakers back to Austin for the 83rd legislative session, we encourage them to consider opportunities to strengthen our Texas economy, create jobs and improve our quality of life. Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (TALA) hopes lawmakers remember that Reform Works for Texas!


As you may recall, Texas once had the biggest lawsuit abuse problem in the nation.  Personal injury lawyers flocked here and bragged that they could win big money in Texas courts. They manufactured questionable and meritless cases and pocketed tens of millions of dollars. Small business owners operated in fear of the one lawsuit that could put them out of business and their employees out of a job.  Doctors were being driven out of state, or out of practicing medicine, by abusive and baseless suits.


Because of the common-sense legal reforms we’ve passed here, Texas has become a place where businesses want to be – and that means more jobs and a stronger economy.


TALA will do our part to reach out to lawmakers at regular intervals this session to talk about the benefits of smart, common-sense legal reforms that we’ve passed in Texas.  But today, we want to leave you with a few key pieces of information:


Fair, common sense lawsuit reforms drive economic growth. In fact, since 1995, more than 8.5 percent of Texas’ economic growth is the result of lawsuit reforms.


A strong majority of Texas voters, from across the political spectrum, say legal reform has helped Texas: increasing access to health care, injecting fairness in our courts, and helping attract businesses and jobs to the Lone Star State, according to a statewide survey released by TALA in 2010.

But, don’t just take it from us that Reform Works!  Hear it straight everyday citizens like Bobby Jenkins, who is a second-generation family business owner and someone who appreciates the fact that common sense, lawsuit reforms work for Texas.


This session, we invite you to connect with us online at, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook.  Also, CALA and TALA chapters are located across the state, so we’re never very far away if we can be helpful.


Let’s keep the dialogue going, and let’s work together to ensure that lawsuit reforms work for Texans!

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