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Letter to the editor: Lawsuits aren’t the solution to addressing climate change issues

By June 29, 2018No Comments

Dear Editor:

There’s every reason to be alarmed by some personal injury lawyers’ efforts to abuse our courts and cash in on the climate change debate (“Climate Change: A Plea for Leadership and Legislation, Not Litigation,” June 22, 2018). It’s a long running effort dating back to the 1990s but seems to be picking up steam once again.

The latest such example is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s politically motivated climate change investigation into ExxonMobil. Launched in 2015, it’s accomplished little other than to fuel a wave of questionable lawsuits.

Lawsuits simply aren’t the solution to addressing coastal erosion, rising sea levels and other climate change-related issues. It’s the halls of our state legislatures and US Congress that can best address these issues, not lawsuits that do more to line the pockets of personal injury lawyers and don’t solve the policy issues they claim to address.


Jennifer Harris

Executive Director

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

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