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The fact is we can’t sue our way out of the complex opioid abuse problems.

By April 23, 2018No Comments

The April 12th article, “Opioid lawyers pumped $110K into LaHood’s campaign after Bexar County DA hired them” makes clear that the opioid crisis is reaching communities all across Texas, including Bexar County.

What’s the right approach to addressing this issue? Cooperation, collaboration and meaningful policy reforms – not lawsuits – should guide local, state and federal leaders as they work to tackle this healthcare problem.

As reported by a joint task force of the National Association of Counties and the National League of Cities, we’re seeing communities bring together health care professionals, drug makers, distributors, regulators, law enforcement and social service advocates “to break the cycles of addiction, overdose, and death.”

Still, when we see some personal injury lawyers – many of whom got rich off contingency fees for lawsuits against tobacco – beginning to rush to the courthouse over opioids, there’s real concern that we’re seeing greed, not justice, at work. The fact is we can’t sue our way out of the complex opioid abuse problems.

Too many Americans are suffering from opioid addiction, and our leaders must work together to find good-faith solutions that fairly and effectively address this public health concern.


Jon Smiley

Board Member, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

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