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Reform Works For Texas. Will Your Candidate Work for Reform? Ask them. And tell us what they said.

Questions to ask.

Or send them a letter today.

Urge Texas legislators to close a loophole in state law and ensure that the lawsuits brought in Texas belong in our courts.

Urge Texas legislators to crack down on fraud and personal injury lawyer “double-dipping” in asbestos litigation

Fair, common-sense legal reforms = strong economy, jobs, greater access to health care.

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse groups have launched an aggressive campaign to ensure elected officials know that Reform Works for Texas.

Once dubbed the “Wild West” of lawsuit abuse, Texas is now a leader in the lawsuit reform movement – and the resulting benefits to Texans are undeniable.  Lawsuit reforms have helped create or retain jobs, allowed small employers to flourish, dramatically improved access to health care, especially in underserved areas of our state – and brought balance and fairness to our courts.

Below is a series of testimonials from local employers and doctors on the real-world benefits of reform. These examples show us how important it is that Texas lawmakers reject relentless attempts to roll back the state’s lawsuit reform progress.

Reform works for Texas!  Now, we need leaders who are willing to protect the progress.

That is why we’re calling on voters to ask their lawmakers to fight any effort to roll back lawsuit reforms and create new ways to sue.