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Back to school– don’t get sued!

By August 27, 2012September 27th, 2013No Comments

Author: TALA | Source: Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

As many Texas students and teachers head back to school today, we thought we’d share this great blog post from Project Lawsuit Abuse:

If you’ve opened a newspaper in the past few days, you’ve seen the circulars for new backpacks, pencils, crayons and even iPads!  It’s time for students and teachers across the country to go back to school, but as the busses head out and the classrooms fill up, watch out for another new classroom disruption – lawsuits.

We’ve covered the stories of lawsuits around classrooms here before.  Remember the case of the student suing over a bad grade?  Or the school psychologist who was having an affair with a parent?  Our favorite lawsuit around schools involves the parents of a preschooler claiming his school didn’t prepare him for an ivy league education.

Let’s make school about learning—and not through a firsthand experience with the legal system.  When you can, take personal responsibility in and outside of the classroom.  Don’t wait for mistakes as a reason for jackpot lawsuit settlements.

Treat the education system with respect and hit those books!

But not literally….That might cause a lawsuit.

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