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Senator Cruz Answers The Call

By January 12, 2015No Comments

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) reported for jury duty last week in Houston. The Junior Senator from the Lone Star State stressed the importance of answering the call and serving on a jury, despite he himself being exempt from jury duty as a federal lawmaker. “I would certainly encourage everyone else when you get a jury summons to come down to participate,” Cruz said. “It’s like voting. It’s part of the responsibilities of the citizen.”

Senator Cruz’s appearance for jury duty ties directly into Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse’s (CALA) campaign to increase jury duty response rates across Texas. In 2014, CALA released a detailed study highlighting low response rates throughout the state. In response, Governor Rick Perry declared July of 2014 “Jury Service Awareness Month.”

To read the full story of Senator Cruz’s appearance for jury duty, click here.


To see the full CALA report on jury duty, click here.

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