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While Texas has made progress in reforming its laws that once made the state a testing ground for frivolous lawsuits and abusive legal practices, many small businesses know they are still just one lawsuit away from being put out of business. 

To call attention to this ongoing threat, Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse (TALA) is sharing video testimonials and social media graphics to underscore what questionable lawsuits mean for a small employer – and the role each of us plays in ensuring the courts are used for justice, not greed.

Texas lawmakers have made important progress on lawsuit reform over the years.  Once considered the courthouse to the world, Texas is now a model for common-sense reform.  Those changes have contributed to the state’s job-creating powers and business climate.

The “It Starts With You” videos are a reminder of the importance of those reforms – but also a reminder that questionable lawsuits and legal practices can still threaten an employer, especially a small business.

Bobby Jenkins, president and CEO of Austin-based ABC Home & Commercial Services, is a former chairman of the board of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse of Central Texas and has been on the front lines of lawsuit reform.

“While Texas has passed strong lawsuit reforms, it’s important to remain vigilant in the fight against lawsuit abuse,” said Jenkins. “We can all play a role.  We can all be smart legal consumers, serve on juries when possible, and do all that we can ensure our courts are used for justice as intended.”  

Jenkins appears in one of the videos talking about the years-long fight against lawsuit abuse and how small businesses have been helped by decades of reforms passed by Texas lawmakers.

Go to the video tab or CLICK HERE to view all the videos.