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‘Dating Naked’ contestant sues for being naked

A model from New York has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Viacom claiming she was not adequately censored.
Jessie Nizewitz, 28, was a contestant on a VH1 program called “Dating Naked” where contestants go on dates with other participants while both naked, and then they decide who they would like to continue dating after returning home. Nizewitz claims she was assured her private areas would be fully blurred, but the blur did not cover Nizewitz’s crotch in a brief scene where she mud wrestled with a date.
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Advertisement – Comfort Control Systems Ex-NYPD officer sues for $175 million over ‘rape cop’ label


NEW YORK (Reuters) – A former New York City police officer cleared of charges of raping a drunken fashion executive in her Manhattan apartment but jailed for misconduct over the incident is suing his accuser and the city for $175 million, his attorney said on Thursday.

The case against Kenneth Moreno, who was acquitted by a jury in 2011 of assaulting the 29-year-old woman while on duty, drew national headlines as a symbol of police misbehavior.

During his trial, Moreno admitted to getting into bed with the woman after being called to escort her home after she passed out in a cab, but he denied ever having sex with her.

The civil-rights lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court on Wednesday claims that the rape allegations against Moreno and his widely watched trial unjustly damaged his reputation and caused him to suffer financially.

“Mr. Moreno is forever scarred with the scarlet letter of ‘Rape Cop,'” his attorney Eric Sanders said in a statement. “Mr. Moreno hopes this lawsuit will vindicate his name and make the schemers pay for their malicious conduct.”

Moreno’s lawsuit claims that city prosecutors ignored credibility concerns about his accuser during the trial and failed to notice an apparent lack of forensic evidence. It also alleges that Moreno was unfairly targeted for prosecution due to his Puerto Rican ancestry.

The New York City Law Department plans to review the case once it has been served with the lawsuit but will not comment beforehand, a spokeswoman with the department said on Thursday.

Moreno’s accuser and her former attorney are also named as defendants in the lawsuit, Sanders said. He said they filed frivolous civil-rights lawsuits during the trial with the intent of extorting money from Moreno.

After being cleared of rape charges, Moreno was found guilty of three misdemeanor counts of official misconduct, which included his faking a 911 call to repeatedly return to the half-conscious woman’s apartment on the night of the incident.

He was sentenced to serve a year in prison in 2011 and fired from the police force.

(Reporting by Laila Kearney; Editing by Eric Beech)

Judge tosses $650M lawsuit by man who claims to be victim of government ‘voice-to-skull’ mind control

A U.S. judge has dismissed a $650 million lawsuit filed by a Pittsburgh man who claims the federal government has been using “voice-to-skull” electronic devices to manipulate his mind.

Frederick Banks filed his case last month against “an unknown number of federal judges and United States covert government agents” and other officials, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In voiding Banks’ lawsuit, U.S. Middle District President Judge Christopher C. Conner found his claims to be “wholly incredible and delusional.” The judge exercised a policy that allows the prompt dismissal of lawsuits that are found to be patently frivolous. So Holder and the other defendants never had to reply to Banks’ claims.

Banks’ allegations do seem like something out of an episode of “The X-Files.”

He claimed that for some time, federal authorities have been using voice-to-skull, or “V2K” devices, to place voices inside his head. The alleged harassment was prompted by his repeated filing of lawsuits against the government, Banks contended.

In his two-page lawsuit, he cited what he said was information from the Federation of American Scientists, which described V2K technology as non-lethal weaponry that uses microwaves to transmit sound into a person’s, or an animal’s, skull. The technology also is used as an “electronic scarecrow” to chase birds away from airports, he wrote.

Banks, who represented himself in the short-lived court case, claimed that he is among thousands of Americans who have been the targets of government-sponsored V2K attacks. Yet, he said that when he complained to numerous federal officials, one laughed at him and others denied knowledge of the technology.

The supposed V2K assault has violated his civil rights by denying him sleep and interfering with his general enjoyment of life, Banks argued. He sought not only monetary compensation, but also wanted Conner to issue an order to make the feds turn off their V2K weapons.

Banks is right in claiming that he’s not alone in believing he is under some sort of government-run electronic mind control siege.

That much is evident from a simple Google search, which turns up entries on alleged V2K harassment plots and testimonies by other supposed victims, who sometimes refer to themselves as “targeted individuals.” There are also online forums for people who believe they are subjected to V2K “synthetic telepathy” assaults and YouTube videos on the subject.

And there was at least one petition circulated via Facebook that called for a federal investigation into V2K harassment.

A review of court records shows that Banks, a former federal prison inmate, is indeed a frequent flier when it comes to filing federal lawsuits. He has lodged numerous such cases in Conner’s court since 2006.

In another of his recent cases, he sued an array of officials, the U.S. Postal Service, the FBI and the Federal Bureau of Prisons regarding what he claimed was a conspiracy to steal his Ferrari sports car and unjustly imprison him.

Banks mentioned his mind control conspiracy claims in that suit and in others as well.


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City sued by man who broke leg while sliding during baseball game

A Louisiana man is suing the city in which he plays recreational baseball after sliding into home plate at the city owned baseball fields and breaking several bones in his leg. Edward Dargan’s lawsuit against the City of Kenner, Louisiana, claims the city failed to warn him of the dangers of an uneven batter’s box and non-moving base. However, the lawsuit fails to cite the personal decision Mr. Dargan made to slide into the base. This is yet another example of why fighting frivolous lawsuits is so critical. To read the full article, click here.