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The Rio Grande Valley (specifically Hidalgo County) was named a “Judicial Hellhole” in a just released annual report published by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA). “Judicial Hellholes” are jurisdictions across the country where the laws are applied in an unfair or unbalanced manner.

Texas has long been recognized as a national leader in reining in frivolous lawsuits and championing smart reform; so, the findings in this latest ATRA report raise concerns for consumers, small business owners and all Texans who care about a civil justice system based on common sense and fairness.

Hidalgo County’s presence on the Hellholes list is due to excessive hailstorm lawsuit abuse. Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse has previously sounded the alarm bells on this type of lawsuit abuse, and the Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse movement in Texas is pleased to see Lt. Governor Dan Patrick call hail lawsuit reform one of his top priorities for the next Legislative Session.

Read the full ATRA Judicial Hellholes report online.

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