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Serving on a jury is fundamental to our democracy – and, thanks to Texas policymakers, jurors who respond when called will be getting a pay increase.

This year, Texas lawmakers passed and Governor Greg Abbot signed into law legislation that will make a significant increase in the compensation provided to jurors for their service. The legislation takes effect September 1, 2023.

Under the measure, juror pay will jump to $20 for the first day of service, up from $6. If selected for a jury, pay increases to $58 per day. The state will increase its reimbursement to counties to partially cover the pay boost.

Previous research from Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse shows that while many Texans – 90 percent, in fact – say it’s important to serve on a jury, many still don’t show up with summoned. We hope this new pay increase will help address a major reason some jurors may not respond: the financial burden.

A big thank you to Texas legislators and Governor Abbott for taking this important step to bolster our jury system. Jury service is a cornerstone of our legal system and one of the greatest civic responsibilities we all share, and it deserves to be treated as such.