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‘Tis the season for frivolous lawsuits!

By December 11, 2012September 26th, 2013No Comments

Have you ever noticed that some decorative holiday lights warn ridiculous things like “not to be consumed,” or “not to be warn as apparel.” One can assume that it doesn’t take more than common sense and a little personal responsibility to know most of these things.


Over the years, lawsuits, and the threat of potential lawsuits, have led to the world of wacky warning labels that we live in today.  Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch (M-LAW) has compiled a yearly list of some of the wackiest warning labels.  Click here and check out some of the best labels from past years.

Highlighted labels include: a label on a hair dryer reading, “Never use hair dryer while sleeping,” a can of pepper spray which warns users that it “may irritate eyes,” and an iron that says, “never iron clothes while they are being worn.”


As we get closer to the holidays, keep an eye out for wacky warning labels, and be reminded of the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse.

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