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Do you know where your candidates stand on lawsuit abuse?  Do your candidates support the lawsuit reforms that Texas lawmakers have enacted over the years to rein in frivolous lawsuits, unreasonable damage awards and questionable legal practices?

What do you know about the judicial candidates on your ballot?  Do they have the experience to preside over a court?  Will they apply the law as written or legislate from the bench?

Before Primary Election Day on March 5, 2024, take the time to learn more about the individuals whose names will be on your ballot.  Find out more about where your candidates stand on the reforms that have helped strengthen our economy and create and sustain Texas jobs.

Doing your pre-primary day homework should also include learning more about the judicial candidates on your ballot.  The decisions of even one judge who decides to make law instead of applying the law as written can threaten positive legislative advances that benefit our state and Texans.  Good judges matter to all of us.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 5. Click HERE to find out where your polling place is located.